Trust & Safety 

At Linkup, we take your safety very seriously and never want it to be compromised whilst meeting new people. We prioritise creating a fun but also safe and secure environment and want to help you make the most of Linkup in the best way possible. The app will open up exciting new opportunities for you with new people and new activities but we encourage you to stay aware to ensure you stay safe.

Below are some of the things we are doing to ensure your utmost safety whilst using Linkup:

Report All Suspicious Behaviour

Your safety is a priority for us and having a comfortable experience on the app is key. If someone does something that makes you feel unsafe, uncomfortable or wary of their behaviour, report it right away. Block and report anyone that violates our terms or your boundaries. Some examples of violations include:

• Requests for money, gifts or donations
• Users under the required age
• Offensive messages
• Harassment or threats to your safety
• A Linkup that is offensive in natureInappropriate behaviour online or in person
• Solicitation or spam for commercial purposes

We have an advanced reports function where users can report individuals and/or specific Linkups. Check out our FAQs on how to report anything in detail.

Block Accounts

On the app, if a certain account or user is bothering you, being offensive or inappropriate, spamming you or harassing you, the app enables you to block them very quickly. This means you won’t encounter them on the app again and you can continue to use Linkup in the knowledge that we have your back.


As part of the Linkup sign up process, we require a valid mobile phone number that we send an SMS code to in order to create an account. If an account is blocked, that mobile number cannot be reused to create a new account or re-open the old one. Email addresses are not accepted to open accounts without also using a valid phone number to receive an SMS. If you do suspect you are speaking to a fraudulent user, please report them for inappropriate and suspicious behaviour as above.

Online Safety 

When talking to new people online it is important to stay aware and keep these safety points in mind:

• Don’t share financial or personal information
• Don’t send money, gifts or donations
• Don’t feel pressured to share other platforms to continue conversation - the Linkup app has everything you need to liaise on activities and meeting points
• If you feel unsafe, block and/or report the user

In-Person Safety 

Linkup is designed to bridge the gap between digital and in-person interactions so of course we encourage you to meet up and attend Linkups in real life. However, it is also important to do this safely to ensure that you have the best experience possible. Below are some pointers on how to stay safe when meeting in person and attending new Linkups:

• Tell friends and family about your plans and where you are going
• Ensure you have transport arranged and available and do try to have a backup transport home
• Don’t feel pressured to do anything you don’t want to do
• Don’t leave personal items or drinks unattended
• If you feel uncomfortable, leave and report the Linkup and/or account
• Do be open to getting to know new people and trying new experiences or activities

Resources and Guidance

If you ever encounter anything whilst using the app or in everyday life that makes you feel uncomfortable, unsafe, in danger or looking for support, please consider reaching out to one of the resources below. Report any incidents to Linkup and please know that we are here to help. If you feel you are in immediate danger, please contact the emergency services on 999 (UK).



0300 123 3393


116 123 

Helplines Partnership

0300 330 7777

Good Night Out 

Switchboard LGBT+

0300 330 0630

Student Minds

0113 343 8440 

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