The Importance of Socialisation - In Real Life!

In today’s modern society it is so easy to rely on your phone. When you can get groceries, takeaways and weird, unnecessary gadgets sent to your front door at the click of a button, staying in and using technology to make our lives easier becomes a habit. The last few years have seen a huge tech boom, resulting in launch after launch of new products and devices. People are used to interacting through a screen for everything from doctor’s appointments to Friday night drinks, rather than having an in person conversation. While the instant ability to send a message to a friend can be really comforting, being outside and connecting with people in real life is more important now than ever. 

Face-to-face contact is crucial to maintain a healthy state of mind. Just talking to someone can make you feel better. Even if you didn’t realise you needed it. That’s why going out, trying new things and meeting different people is beneficial for everyone, not just you. Although it may seem like a challenging task to begin with, all you need is a little bit of help to boost your socialisation. 

Endless Scrolling 

It’s become the norm to carry it in your back pocket or have it glued to your hand, but your phone is not actually needed everywhere you go. We’ve all had the notification pop up telling us how long we’ve spent flicking through apps. Often we ignore it, too ashamed to check the hours of our lives spent eyes to screen. In 2021, statistics showed that over 40% of people spent more than four hours a day on their phone. 

Time away from our screens can actually do more good than you think. Rather than scrolling through social media looking at what exciting things everyone else is doing, you can go out and create your own experiences to talk about. Through simply taking a walk with a friend to talk about your day, having a chat or even walking quietly together, you are increasing your socialisation for the day. In fact, socialising scientifically makes us happier. It releases oxytocin and dopamine, so it’s definitely worth more than catching up on the latest TikTok trend!

The Importance of Interactions 

Now that you are free to see whoever, whenever, wherever, it’s important to take advantage of the time you have. There are numerous benefits to social interaction. It can boost your mental health and distract you from any problems, encouraging you to talk. Being around other people can make you feel less alone and more included in the world. 

Whether they are new acquaintances or old friends, going out of your way to speak to someone or inviting them out somewhere, can make the world of difference. It can be scary to put yourself out there, but it’s guaranteed that if you are looking for someone new to interact with, then there will be others out there that are doing the same. The BBC says that reaching out to a stranger just to say hello will be better received than most expect.

In a time when TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram are joined by new app launches every single day, users are flooded with a choice of ways to get social online. Devices, apps and the steady growth of technology has enabled constant and instant social connection, but it’s clear to see this leaves us all lonelier in person than ever.

Try Linkup 

If you want to go out and socialise, but your friends are busy or you can’t find a good place to go, you might be tempted to stay at home. That’s where Linkup comes in. 

Linkup is the social app for spontaneous meetups near you. You can connect with anyone who has created a Linkup within a 24 hour period. From walks, cinema dates or trying the new bar in town, you can find someone to join your group of friends or meet individually. This is the tool that helps you to socialise and interact with people in person, to maximise your relationships and build long-term connections. 

Whilst it might seem strange to promote less device time through an app, Linkup is here to disrupt the industry with an offering that bridges the gap between digital connection and in-person social interaction. 

Check out Linkup and get socialising today!

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