Generation Z- The Loneliest Generation

2020 was a tough year. Being stuck inside our homes for weeks was an unfamiliar feeling for us all. Zoom quizzes became the average Friday night activity. Working from your bedroom wearing old Christmas PJs turned into the norm. An hour in the park felt like a luxury. But between all the banana bread baking and TikTok making, it was the younger generation, more famously known as Generation Z, that was left feeling unfulfilled and lonely. 

Many young people barely left their rooms during the pandemic. They had everything they needed at the click of a button. Tiger King. Instagram. A lengthy list of Marvel movies. The longer that lockdown continued, the easier it was for Generation Z to become used to hibernating within the same four walls. That’s where the problem now lies.  

If It’s Not At Home, I’m Not Going 

Students are so familiar with keeping within the comforts of their own home that they’ve forgotten the fundamental elements of being young; socialising with friends; going to parties; having spontaneous adventures in the randomest of places. Young people are no longer as comfortable meeting new friends; some even find it difficult to maintain an in-person conversation. 

A 2021 study into social anxiety showed that up to 20% of adolescents experienced a mental health disorder during the pandemic. Whether it was working as a key worker, undergoing exams or caring for a loved one, Generation Z certainly felt the pressure. In a time of serious uncertainty, familiar home comforts became a safe space, and this is increasingly hard to change now that the pandemic is moving behind us. 

Stuck in a Rut   

This is the reality that young people are faced with today. No one really knows how to get back out there and reconnect with those they lost touch with, let alone make new friends. Adolescents were expected to be the first ones out enjoying themselves, but with little help and no tools to do that, Generation Z is a blur of deteriorating social lives. Many have fallen off of the social ladder completely. 

You’re Not The Only One

It wouldn’t be a global issue if it was only felt by one person. We all witnessed the pandemic and experienced similar emotions. There are so many people out there that feel the same way as you and you may not have to look very far to find them. They could be a neighbour, friend, or colleague. They could be the person you bump into at the gym or who orders the same coffee as you. 

That’s why the next time someone invites you somewhere; for a walk, to the pub, maybe they fancy a quick game of tennis; take the leap and say yes. If no one really knows how to talk to each other anymore, then talk about that. Conversations can be sparked from anywhere. Don’t pressure yourself to think of opening lines, just let it flow organically. Taking that one step forward won’t be as scary as you think. 

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