10 Places to go out in Manchester

Manchester is one of the liveliest cities in the UK. If you are stopping for a visit, looking for new Manchester events or are new to the community, you may not know where to find the best places to explore. Whether you’re looking for an instagramable place to eat or a fun day out with a group of friends, Manchester has it all. These top 10 places to go out will guide you through the City and show you all that Manchester has to offer!

Quirky bars with something more to sell than just drinks are always in high demand for students. These bars are an exciting and interactive way to enjoy cocktails: 


NQ64 is a place for those who are tired of the regular cocktail bars. Full of vintage arcade games, splattered with colourful graffiti all over the walls, and unique game inspired cocktails, this bar arcade bar is like no other.

Lola Lo

This tiki themed bar is one of the top student hotspots in Manchester. With famous stars, surprise guest DJs, and exclusive themed nights, Lola Lo’s tiki nightclub is the place to be. If you don’t fancy the night out, you can always go for a cocktail masterclass instead to learn how to craft delicious cocktails at home! 

Another must know is the best places to eat. When you can’t be bothered to cook for yourself and feel like something a bit different. Check out these: 

Wholesome Junkies 

This creative vegan food stall is located in numerous places around Manchester. It gives junk food fanatics a taste of indulgence with the Wholesome Junkies award-winning burger and tasty vegan dishes. Their food has become so popular that Wholesome Junkies are creating their own restaurant in Manchester, which is opening in July. It will soon become the go-to for good food!

Crazy Pedros 

Bored of the average take out pizza? Visit one of Crazy Pedro’s two pizza places to get a variety of pizzas, nachos, and taste one of Manchester’s largest Tequila selections. With a chilled out vibe, you will definitely feel at ease at Crazy Pedro’s. They even deliver! So if you’re sitting at home craving a slice and a cold beer, you can enjoy the good food right from your door. 

Manchester is known as the ‘Music Capital’ of the UK. Many love to get involved in the music scene. Particularly if they are aspiring musicians themselves. Here are a couple of the most popular and loudest music venues: 

The Deaf Institute 

The Deaf Institute holds some of Manchester's best events. Whether it’s a Liam Gallagher afterparty or an up and coming band playing live, you are guaranteed to enjoy listening to the latest and greatest gigs. You can even hang out with some food and a drink before heading in to have all eyes on the stage. 


This trendy club is at the heart of Manchester’s forward thinking music and arts events. They find artists from local areas as well as from further afield to ensure that you get to see a range of different people and experience the best music in Manchester. SOUP is recognised as one of the top venues, as they have made their pricing affordable to all. 

If you are looking for something other than a place to eat or a trendy venue to attend, why not try these wholesome activities to do with your friends: 

Frog and Bucket 

If you’re in the mood for a bit of a laugh, head down to the Frog and Bucket to witness some of Manchester’s finest comedians and even a few famous faces. This award winning comedy club is the perfect night out to chill with your mates. It always promises a laugh! 

Fancy a bit of excitement? Try out these places to do something fun and adventurous with friends: 

Point Blank Shooting 

Experience a realistic shooting range, with replica guns turned into laser weapons and over 200 different scenarios to choose from at Point Blank Shooting. This unique outing is ideal for young adults looking for a fun, yet affordable activity. Have competitions with your friends to see who racks up the best score and enjoy the thrilling atmosphere that you won’t find anywhere else. 

Virtual Hideout 

If you are interested in trying out new experiences, then this virtual reality and gaming centre is the place for you. With over 100 VR and gaming scenes to choose from, you and your friends can delve into unknown realities and enjoy a personalised experimental adventure. 

Platt Field Park   

Platt Field Park is known for being one of Manchester’s go to spots. Whether you want to chill out in the park or attend one of its occurring events, it has something for everyone. From concerts to bonfire night carnivals, this scenic green is always hosting entertainment for anyone to come and watch. 

If you’re a member or two short for the Point Blank Shooting bar, or fancy new friendly face to grab some vegan junk food with, why not try Linkup, and you’ll never run out of people to do things with! 

Here’s a bonus place to go if you’re feeling like a night out: 

Alberts Schloss

This quirky bar always promises a good night out and a buzzing atmosphere! Alberts Schloss provides unique dishes inspired by Europe's finest cuisine, entertaining events and plenty of space for you to get up and have a dance. 

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