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By becoming a Linkup Ambassador, you are joining our mission to connect people in the real word and meet like-minded people, right in the moment. Empower your peers to do more of what they love by bringing your University together through events, campaigns, and more.

Get social at university

Become a social butterfly at your university by hosting events, coming up with creative ideas for experiences, exploring potential partnerships, and seeking opportunities.

Lead new connections

You are leaders and influencers - inspire your peers to build new connections and forge new friendships, and embrace our vision of an easy, fun and simple way to meet new people.

What are the perks?

Get Paid

Get paid for socialising and doing more of what you love - it’s a no brainer!

Attend Events

Time can be a drag, spice up your social life with exclusive Linkup events.

Join a Community

Be a part of a thriving community and meet like-minded people along the way.

Redeem Rewards

The more downloads you get, the greater the prizes on our rewards scheme.

Free Merch

Represent the Linkup brand around your university campus with fresh merch.

Have Fun

Enhance your university experience by going on adventures and having fun!

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